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Issues and solutions for E-Site 4

Collection of solutions and information about reported error states.

Opprett "scheduled function call" / "planlagt kjøring av funksjon" fungerer ikke

Får denne feilen når man prøver å sette opp tidskjøring av RSS import (VG) i løsning. Får samme feil hver gang jeg prøver å opprette en ny tidskjøring (Scheduled method call new), it does not validate.
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Cache problems in Google Chrome

Redirect, CSS and Javascript cache problems in Google Chrome.
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The length of the query string for this request exceeds the configured maxQueryStringLength value

Error message in page or in event log for requests with long URL's.
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Operation is not valid due to current state of the object.

Exception when trying to save or postback a page. Usually in esite a page with many style editor fields.
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Start Autonumber series at desired number

How to configure web.config to start auto number ranges at desired values.
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Exception when starting application/site, after reconfiguring environment.

Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Active', table 'ESiteLng.dbo.Strings'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.
The statement has been terminated.

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A potentially dangerous Request.Cookies value was detected from the client ........

Exception occuring when opening page in website.
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Can't create object type

Exception occuring when showing a custom form, advanced form or other form content item in E-Site.
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Paste image doesn't work in Google Chrome

Pasting images, folders and files only results in the file "FileExplorer.application" is downloaded.
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String or binary would be truncated default values

Error message when attempting to set default values for an object.
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Meta Model Error Package - Duplicate GUID

Initialization error on screen or on event log. Normally after installing update, upgrading, installing a package or creating schemas/extensions.
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Prevent E-Site updating web.config file automatically

Application is experiencing problems because E-Site automatically changes the web.config file.
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