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The essential concepts

Publisert: 10/24/2007
Components used to create E-Site and .Net web applications explained.
The essential concepts

An E-Site solution consists of the following two (actually three) main interfaces:

- Admin pages
- Public web pages

The admin pages interface makes it possible for persons to configure and create the public web pages. Besides these two ingredients comes the most important interface for you, developer interface, you will be using this to extend and customize the admin pages and the web pages.

Using Microsoft Visual Studio and the E-Site Object Type model you can create custom elements to build up your solution.

Custom elements
Are design parts, content items, user objects, and more...

Design parts - Building blocks for your design, static parts or dynamic functional parts.
Content item - Building blocks for creating content and functionality inside your site, articles, news, forms, mailing lists.

Any element with snap-in func. will consist of a class inheriting from the EObject base type, resources such as User controls and web forms.