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E-Site web services overview

Publisert: 11/18/2009
Connect to the integrated E-Site SOAP web service to read and write data to E-Site.
E-Site web services overview

The following web services are available:

  • Site.asmx - Provides read and write access to the E-Site object store (Articles, folders, users, etc.. all objects)
  • Services/Filesystem.asmx - Provides read and write access to the E-Site file store
  • Services/Update2.asmx - Provides access to download the application code

To call the web service you will have to setup a user with the "Allow web services access" option enabled. See picture below:

User webservice rights

Only enable the web services you will actually need, and give the user a complex password to avoid unwanted access and brute force attacks. E-Site has a brute force protection slowing down repeated logins after 3 logins and with an increasing delay making it very slow to break. E-Site will also return a login failure eventhough a correct user name and password is supplied in detected brute force scenarios.

Recommended is using OPENID for admin user logins and HTTPS channels for all your login communication.

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